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Arvo Pärt / Robert Wilson (c) Kristian Kruuser
GalleryArvo Pärt / Robert Wilson (c) Kristian Kruuser
  • The film was announced as a first international documentary about Arvo Pärt (as hard as it is to believe!). The director accompanied the composer just before his 80th birthday. The film is based around the rehearsals to The Passion of Adam – a joint project of Pärt and Robert Wilson from May 2015 – and they offered a backdrop of the artist’s everyday life. The composer comes across as a person both humble and full of humour, not a sage or a monk. Pärt and his wife moved back and have been living in Estonia for five years, after almost three decades of emigration. He has recently opened a centre named in his honour – an ecological building tucked away in a pine forest. “I would compare my music to white light, which contains all other colours”, says Pärt and, in truth, light features large in this documentary. The sea, the fields and the woods of Estonia seem to be a natural environment for the creation of music full of calm and quiet – in total contradiction of the modern world.