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Tabula Rasa
GalleryTabula Rasa
  • TV footage of Arvo Pärt’s concert from 1998 at the Dominican Church in Poznań. The composed classicist interior has been enlivened by a scenographer with a simple installation made of vertically hanging ropes and mysteriously lighted by candles. Thus, a stage was created for  Bornus Consort featuring soloists Anna Mikołajczyk and Robert Lawaty conducted by Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński and  Młoda Filharmonia  conducted by Marcin Sempoliński. The musicians joined forces to perform such masterpieces of Pärt’s as Tabula Rasa.


    1. Silouans song
    2. Cantas in memoriam Benjamin Britten
    3. Festina Lente 
    4. Tabula Rasa