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  • For three decades James Nachtwey has been documenting the greatest tragedies of the world, from  Rwanda through Kosovo to Indonesia. Christian Frei accompanied him for two years, in person or via a miniature videocamera attached to the lens of his camera. Through its eye we see war at close, terrifying proximity, as it has never been shown before in cinema. We experience each moment of hesitation before pressing the shutter button, each reflex to escape, each reaction of repulsion. Music in this multiple award-winning document was the responsibility of the legendary producer Manfred Eicher. Hence the presence of the ECM label stars: Eleni Karaindrou and Arvo Pärt, whose Psalom and Silouans Song (did this inspire Godard to use the piece in Our Music in a similar context?) can be heard in the film. The divide between the spirituality of Pärt’s music and the corporeality of Frei’s camerawork seems to be unsurpassable - and for that reason the former has such a strong impact.

  • Christian Frei

    Was born in 1959 in Schönenwerd, Switzerland. He is a director and producer, known for War photographer (2001), Bollywood im Alpenrausch (2000) and Sleepless in New York (2014).