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© Eleri Ever  Kultuuriministeerium
Gallery© Eleri Ever Kultuuriministeerium
  • In the beginning there is the landscape. Northern light, a road to nowhere, a waterfall at dusk, a meadow swimming in flowers. A bearded man emerges from the green. He speaks in Estonian and tells us show he would like to take pictures of flowers again. In another scene in a room overlooking the Old Town, he imitates the movements of the bow and corrects the score. The 24 images were created over three years, and together they comprise probably the most profound image of Arvo Pärt, accompanied by a very rich soundtrack. We see him not only while he is composing and during rehearsals, but also on a flea market, or in the forest picking wild mushrooms. Pärt tells us about his childhood, how he listened to radio transmissions…while circling the post with the speaker on a bicycle. Only at the end do we get a sort of a list of contents: facts from his biography, a list of featured compositions, explanations of scene titles– could this be this promised fugue?


    Director Dorian Supin succeeds in revealing Arvo Pärt’s musical thinking. His work opens a door on the inner world of one of the most spiritually intense composers of our time.