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5:00 PM Meeting session – The work of Arvo Pärt and the technique „tintinnabuli”. A talk with Andrzej Bauer, Jakub Jakowicz, Bartek Wąsik and the musicians of the Royal String Quartet. The session will be led by film and music critic Jan Topolski.


6:00 PM Film screening – "24 preludes for a fugue" (dir. Dorian Supin). A documentary about the work of Arvo Pärt which is composed of 24 moments caught during three creative years of the composer’s work.


8:30 PM Concert – Arvo Pärt / "Alina". Andrzej Bauer / Jakub Jakowicz / Bartek Wąsik / Royal String Quartet. The axis of the evening will revolve around the piano piece "Für Alina" along with two different interpretations of the compositions "Spiegel im Spiegel" and "Fratres".

All free entrance tickets have been handed out. If there should be any available seats the entrance will be free.

10:00 PM Film screening – "The Banishment" (dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev). A tale of a family drama and the difficult relationships between husband and wife. The slow narration of the film will be accompanied by the main theme form the piece "Für Alina" by Arvo Pärt.


Film screenings and meeting sessions: headquarters of the Malta Foundation, 44 Ratajczaka Street, Arkadia, 1st floor.<br><br>
Concerts: Poznań Fara Church – Collegiate Church, 11 Klasztorna Street.