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Arvo Pärt / photo Birgit Püve
GalleryArvo Pärt / photo Birgit Püve

The curator of the first concert, Bartek Wąsik, who is also the initiator and arranger of musical projects such as “Folklove”, the Kwadrofonik percussion and piano quartet or the “Nowa Warszawa” organised in collaboration with Stanisława Celińska, will be joined by the Royal String Quartet, Andrzej Bauer and Jakub Jakowicz to interpret the pieces emblematic for the beginnings of “tintinnabuli”. We will hear compositions such as “Für Alina”, the piece which lay at the foundations of the composer’s authorial technique in which sounds are reminiscent of the ringing of bells.

On the second day of the festival we will get the chance to hear “Lamentate”, a piece of unprecedented scale for the composer. The composition will be interpreted by the l'Autunno Chamber Orchestra directed by Adam Banaszak, known to the Nostalgia audience from the unforgettable concerts on the two previous editions of the festival. The orchestra will be accompanied by Bartek Wąsik.

The festival finale will reverberate with the sound of the newest pieces by the composer, marked by deep religiousness, including the eponymous composition from Pärt’s last album “Adam’s Lament”. The music of the Estonian composer will be interpreted by Collegium Musicale Chamber choir from Tallin conducted by Endrik Üksvärav, which was awarded the “Estonian Choir of the Year” distinction in 2011 and 2014, which will be joined by Poznan’s l’Autunno Chamber Orchestra conducted by Adam Banaszak and the organist Jakub Pankowiak.

The concerts of this year’s edition will be performed in Poznan Fara Church, one of the most magnificent examples of baroque sacral architecture in Poland. The concerts will be also followed by film screenings, meeting sessions and workshops on music criticism.

 The full program of both the concerts and the film screenings can be found at here

Starting today in the Poznań City Information Center located at 44 Ratajczaka Street and office@malta-festival.pl free passes will be availible for all of the concerts.