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The repetitive main theme from the Arvo Pärt's Für Alina will set the slow tempo in Adrey Zvyagintsev's The Banishment about a family living in the russian countryside. Part’s music will also be mixed together in an exotic duet with the pioneer of polish electronic music Eugniusz Rudnik. The polish-russian super-production from the 70’ The Pilot Pirx Test, directed by Marek Pietrasik, is an adaptation of a novel by Stanislaw Lem where the main protagonist is assigned the mission of testing a new generation of androids in space travel conditions.

In one of the documentaries we will accompany Arvo Pärt on his trip to Poznań which was captured by Mariusz Grzegorzek in the film Arvo Pärt. Game of Numbers from 1998 and in the unique meeting with Robert Wilson. A documentary will be presented about the two great ascetics of theater and music about how they worked on the play Adam's Passion, which had its worldwide premiere this May in the magnificent location which is the Noblessner shipyard in Tallinn.

The music of Arvo Pärt demonstrates that there is something more, something beyond the world of film heroes and that reality is never one-dimensional, never black and white but always in motion, limitless. Eternal. – this is how the immense popularity of Arvo Parts music is explained by Michal Zdunik [read the whole text]

The full program of the festival is available at: www.nostalgiafestival.pl. The entry to both film shows and meetings is free of charge.