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The climax of the evening will be the Polish premiere of Adam’s Lament" – a composition inspired by the text by Saint Sylvan who was canonized in 1987. The Russian monk spent most of his life in a monastery on the Atos Island. It is there that he wrote "Adam’s Lament", where the protagonist weeps after the lost paradise, which is a metaphor of a lament over the human condition.

A while before the performance the same piece will be heard in the film adaptation of "Adam’s Passion" – a play by Arvo Pärt and Robert Wilson which had its grand premiere in May this year in the Noblessner shipyard in Tallinn. Piano pieces by the Estonian composer as well as his composition Silouans Song for a string orchestra will echo through the film “Our Music” by Jean-Luc Godard.

For a nostalgic beginning of the afternoon we invite you to the interview led by Jan Topolski with two conductors – Adam Banaszak and Endrik Üksvärav. The Estonian has just finished his concert tour in Japan where he was responsible for the choir and performed with maestro Arvo Pärt himself as the solo voice in the composer’s "Miserere". The piece is also a part of the play "Adam’s Passion" directed by Robert Wilson.