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photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski

The workshops on music criticism lead by the Meakultura Foundation during the Nostalgia Festival Poznań will be an opportunity to participate in an open discussion and a confrontation of opinions. They will also enable the spectators and participants to share their impressions on the spot. The workshops are dedicated specifically to students of music and humanities-related departments but also to all those who share a great passion for music.

The two meeting sessions are lead by two different specialist; culture expert Krzysztof Moraczewski and musicologist and music critic Ewa Schreiber. The subject of the meeting sessions will mainly focus on contemporary sacral music and various forms of minialism it takes when in different cultural contexts.  Musicologist Jan Topolski will be a special guest during the workshops and will discuss the trend of minimalism in contemporary film music.

23rd of October, 3:30pm, Malta Foundation Headquarters, Krzysztof Moraczewski: How does one write about music

24th of October, 3:30pm, Malta Foundation Headquarters, Ewa Schreiber: Contemporary forms of minimalism

Editor: Marlena Wieczorek (meakultura.pl)